1. Amber

    What’s the white stuff around her eyes?

  2. You mean it was only her career that died and not her? Huh. Who knew

  3. Flower

    Looks like she had the same makeup artist who painted Nicole Kidman a whiter shade of pale. That, or she got careless with the lines before the photo op.

  4. still hit it

    time to fire her make up person

  5. I was at that signing but I saw she had a stunt double signing books so I bailed.

  6. When the “after” looks like this, don’t hold your “before” picture in public.

  7. TyroneBiggums

    You can see that Ashley Judd is starting to lose the battle against her DNA as she begins the transition into Wynonna.

  8. I haven’t seen that much coke dusting someone’s face since Tony Montana was introducing his little friend.

    • Ron Burgundy

      Yeah. She’s totally motorboating that shit. I guess when you get a little older you just say “eff the straw…”.

  9. tkb

    The new poor little rich girl.

  10. What the who the how in aaaaaaaah when did this happen????

  11. kimmykimkim

    Great. Now she’s just another Judd.

  12. Sen

    I used to love seeing her tits get rocked in flicks.

    Now she’s on the wrong side of the milf tracks..

  13. Vagina Dentata

    A childhood spent getting fisted by Wynonna is really starting to show on Ash.

  14. I’m surprised Lindsay(tm) isn’t there to snort that off of her face.

  15. Make the most ridiculously exaggerated smile you can. If you could afford “Judd amounts” of botox it would look like this.

  16. “#47 – Sweet – Reenacting the final scene from Scarface before book signings.”

  17. LambOfTheCloth

    She’s two seconds away from screaming “NO MORE WIRE HANGARS, EVVAAAARRRRRR!”

  18. Sin

    Not aging well at all.

  19. s'up bitches

    I personally was never into this chick. She was semi-hot (the “semi” is gone), had limited talent, and was only famous because of her family. She should thank the sky god (AKA Jesus Christ) mommy abused her, and be pissed that her sis’ didn’t go down on her. Now THAT would have sold books!

    • Hellisforsissies

      You’re just angry that the publishers liked her book and panned your pathetic effort at writing about your abusive childhood! Although I dpubt being told you couldn’t have the 4th brownie before supper can really be clssified as abuse!

  20. Now that Snooki has a book, apparently everyone can have one. Even Roseanne’s half-sister.

  21. fooey

    Note to self: do NOT put photo of self on cover of biography when you look like turd in real life

  22. cc

    I suspect she had some work done…work that, as usual, didn’t turn out as well as some might have hoped.

  23. Is that Jennifer Tilly?

  24. molly

    idk what you guys are talking about, she looks ok..

  25. lili

    I understand you’re all concerned with her powder malfunction, but I’d like to poin out her forehead.
    That’s a serious case of Nicole Kindman going on there.

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