1. Flower


  2. There was probably a time when she looked cute making a face like this.

  3. Colin

    Wait, so the Scientologists were right about the aliens living inside her?

  4. She’s got midichlorians up her nose. Wait, wrong fake religion…

  5. Deacon Jones

    “Allergies are a fake medical condition,,,,I’m not gonna sneeze, I’m not gonna sneeze!”

  6. HateYerFace

    pure awesomeness!

  7. Awe…even her rage face is cute!

  8. M3Essential

    she just found Tommy’s mustache porn stash. . .

  9. Zombie Kitty

    She just smelled Tom’s girl-fart

  10. DeucePickle

    “Ewww, Kathy Griffin needs a tan”

  11. That’s her O face. It’s the face she makes when her husband reaches an orgasm. How, when, and in whom we shall probably never know but, hey – that face.

  12. The Laughing G-D

    The signal she makes to the others, when she runs into someone who is not a pod person.

  13. Jovy


  14. Feetsthss

    All the grace of the real Jackie O.

  15. Uncle Rodney

    “Skin them!”

  16. Frank

    “Release the Kraken!”

  17. Bucky Barnes

    I’m guessing she is describing Tom’s reaction that time he accidently saw her nude.

  18. Euroman

    Must not have taken her morning dose of Penis Gummy Bears

  19. Nooken

    Alright, who farted, seriously, that is nasty.

  20. Devast

    …and then he makes a face like this when he sees me naked…

  21. Tales from a Scientologist’s Crypt

  22. “Paris was right, Vin Diesel IS gross! Ew!”

  23. Ironic that the only thing this werewolf is missing is a beard. I’m always hearing Tom has one. Maybe he can loan it.

  24. “…and so then Tom makes this face and jumps in Suri’s Princess Playpen.”

  25. SonicAlligator

    “There is no Katie, only Zuul.”

  26. Sin

    The real face of Scientology.

  27. fooey

    well i love its scarf!

  28. Hellisforsissies

    Katie just remembered this is the night for she an Tom’s annual fake love-making session…..AKA “Fake Fuck Night”! That’s the night that Tom strips to his tighty whitey underpants and acts out the scene from “Risky Business” while reciting the L.Ron Hubbard mantra, “The aliens have landed! The aliens have landed! “.

  29. “I am married to Tom Cruise!!!! Why ?”

  30. I guess she bit into a really sour P-E-N-I-S gummy.

  31. Arrrrgg me matey’s!

  32. Matt

    Those e-meter sessions are starting to wear off.

  33. “And now for my impression of Tom, when he sees my vagina.”

  34. zoya

    love how her face is scrunched up, but her forehead didn’t move an inch. Those are some serious bunny lines on her nose. Time to lay off the botox.

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