1. Deacon Jones

    Rewind! Rewind!!!

  2. awhitedude

    Wow, she looks really good here

  3. She’s ready for that remake of The Next Karate Kid

  4. Looks like a not-quite-finished Alias puzzle.

  5. Cam R

    Yikes. She needs to sue her plastic surgeon. He only Botox-ed HALF her face!

  6. Someone behind her is walking like an Egyptian…

  7. Once you’ve been Afflecked, you don’t come back.

  8. First person I’ve seen in a while show up to a film premiere dressed as Blanche Devereaux.

  9. Sin

    Face looks like she had a stroke.

  10. Reece

    Wow she actually looks really good here. Its the only time I’ve seen her without having the sudden urge to use her sharp angular face as a meat slicer.

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