1. It had to be said

    First Chris Noth’s balls, now some random homeless beach dude. What’s going on here?

  2. Colin

    Whoa, looks like Joe Jonas’s workout worked fast!

  3. Barefoot is no way to be seen coming and going from the weed spot, son.

  4. American Bandersnatch

    Cleverly hiding his pointy ears!

  5. Looks like Sylar lost all his powers and looking less like a heroe these days.

  6. “Oh shit, I stepped on a…sorry mom.”

  7. “Guy with ability to walk barefoot on hot sidewalk” just shot to the top of Sylars “to murder next” list.

  8. That’s it. “Out”. That’s the explanation we get.
    For the lack of shoes. And the oversized yarmulke. And the crappiest sidewalk north of the Rio Grande.

  9. Killer sleeve tattooooooh wait never mind….

  10. ….and over here we have Zachary Quinto, preparing for his role as Amy Winehouse in “Crotch rot”….and to our right….

  11. ‘Search Google for Zachary Quinto’ – nope, still nothing.

  12. Uncle Rodney

    “Live long, and wax.”

  13. Walking around on grimy L.A. sidewalks without shoes is…well, it’s highly illogical.

  14. Not pictured: the cigarette butt he was racing to recover.

  15. Tara Overholt

    I’ve never seen a mulatto who was so evenly divided before.

  16. s'up bitches

    Considering his rep, I just got this visual of him laying down naked, his ankles behind his ears (the whole Chris Noth thing might’ve had something to do with it?). Good news! I have whiskey in the cupboard!

  17. cc

    I’m comin’ skipper!

  18. Charmless Man

    Bert’s looking kinda grungy these days.

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