1. That’s the most normal “The Situation” has ever looked.

  2. Colin

    Is that a shirt or a trash bag? Maybe he’s straight after a– HAHAHAHAHAHA I crack myself up.

  3. Does he have a trainer in his pants?

  4. Rough, more comforting than your comfort food

    Gracefulness of an ostrich this kid. Keep trying JJ.

  5. I really thought it was Alan Cumming at first. There’s probably a Jonas Brothers-Are-Gay joke in there somewhere, but I don’t have the energy.

  6. Wearing his plastic covering….Joe is ready for his Bukaki scene

  7. It’s Bieber’s “dazzle” coach.

  8. mr. monkeybottoms

    Fitness for Jesus

  9. The weird thing is this is how he sleeps too.

  10. St. Jezebel

    Currently seen training for the Special Olympics

  11. s'up bitches

    It’s about time. Girlfriend was getting kinda “hip-ee”.

  12. Apparently his workout regime involves a lot more getting peed on than the average non-Kardashian.

  13. fooey

    who among us does not make that face while working out? …oh really?

  14. Hellisforsissies

    Joe Jonas is working on getting his friendship back with Demi Lovato. He is seen here running for his life from the irate Lovatics protecting her from being JoBro’d!

  15. cc

    I hope he tries MMA….and his first match is again Randy Couture.

  16. So, it’s “works out with a trainer in Beverly Hills” now? I just canNOT keep up with gay slang.

  17. Charmless Man


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