1. Amber

    This is disturbing.

  2. I never thought David Beckham would be the more three-dimensional one in a photo of 2 celebrities.

  3. He’s been sitting there with him ever since that picture of Bieber playing soccer came out.

  4. Colin

    David has terrible taste in women, but at least this one has more meat on her than Posh.

  5. After catching her husband cheating with a Bieber cutout, Victoria immediately went in for plastic surgery to have one of her dimensions removed.

  6. That’s okay, he’s used to sleep nest to a cut-out of a woman anyway.

  7. Er, that was “next” y’all.

  8. David

    umm, this is my OTHER man-b*tch

  9. The dude on the left has more charisma – and a deeper voice.

  10. Beckham, unaware that he was only sitting next to a cut-out of superstar Justin Bieber, intended to win this game of “coolest celeb talks last” at all costs.

  11. Pete

    I put those pills in his drink but he just sits there looking at me. It’s like he knows something. I better call Tom and ask what to do next.

  12. s'up bitches

    After David is done with that cut out it will be sticking to the couch.

  13. fooey

    I’m being serious – I thought that was Ricky Gervais for a split second. And the whole photo was compressed so both the dumbasses looked shrunk sideways.

  14. Hellisforsissies

    Sorry Fish, that’s the real Justin! He really is that one dimensional.

  15. cc

    And on this left, a cardboard cutout of Drake, but you can’t see it.

  16. Lauraa


  17. Elle

    He likes his women thin, dainty and made of….cardboard?

  18. Bethie

    That isn’t a cardboard cutout, that’s what was left when Usher was through.

  19. attorneyg

    “So, do you like Gladiator movies.”
    “Ever seen a grown man naked.”

  20. Charmless Man

    I’m pretty sure he thinks that’s Posh.

  21. Nothing like seeing two men in love. Spring is in the air!

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