1. It had to be said

    I think her pony tail is pulled a little too tight on her right side . . .

  2. sparkymcgee

    “I hate being all strokey!”

  3. What you can’t see is the huge mound of coke on the center console that made her face look like that.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Hmmm. It looks like Janice Dickinson has turned a new leaf since Celebrity Rehab.

  5. One of her eyes is bigger than the other…and her forehead is bigger than her head, I don’t even know how that’s possible.

  6. Ron Burgundy

    She looks like Dan Aykroyd in that one scene from Spies Like Us.
    You know which one I’m talkin’ bout.

  7. DeucePickle

    So now we know for sure, “droopy boob syndrome” is a real thing.

  8. What’s wrong with her face?

  9. Tracey

    Who the hell is she?

  10. Crick

    She’ll never fit in whoville with those shoes.

  11. Cam R

    And there’s the rest of Jennifer Garner’s Botox! This plastic surgeon is cheeeaaap!

  12. “Hello, all you happy people. I’m a coke whore.” ~ Senora Droopy

  13. Something about this girl says “Respect”. Oh yeah, it’s that patch of skin above her cooter.

  14. Has Steven Hawking commented yet on the black hole in the center of her face?

  15. seth

    For some reason it seems perfectly normal to see Ron Jeremy in the background with a camera.

  16. Sin

    Another usless no name Fame Whore.

  17. SuperT

    What is the deal with her face? Is she dating Chris Brown?

  18. That bitch stole Christmas!

  19. fooey

    she was on The Hills which apparently have eyes

  20. Always say cunt

    She looks like the guy from Men in Black.

    You know the one.

    You cunts.

  21. cc

    I can’t believe the Shannon Doherty trend is still going.

  22. Elle

    I feel like her and Heidi are cut from the same plastic.

  23. What hath medical science wrought?

  24. Snarky biAAAtch!

  25. Reece

    A leopard print sweater away from being Joan Rivers….botox is a hell of a thing

  26. Charmless Man

    Her lips look like two slugs fighting on a duck’s bill.

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