1. noooooooo

    Lack of sex and drugs has turned him to eating children. Damn, that poor bastard.

  2. So Russel Brand is Catholic?

  3. “I SAID, MY MOVIE COMES OUT NEXT WEEK!” Oh, you’re deaf? Whoops…

  4. It’s too bad Russell didn’t get that part playing Wonder Woman, he already has his own golden lasso.

  5. Leaked photo of the Tall Man from the upcoming Phantasm reboot.

  6. If he’s got a glove on that other hand it’s time to call Father Damien Karras.

  7. HateYerFace

    Michael Jackson!

  8. Bangbang

    Carrot head dyed his hair black?

  9. This is how I stay young….aaaaah nom nom nom

  10. The Duke

    Madonna is doing a really good job of camouflaging herself these days.

  11. That’s not what they meant by getting him to the Greek.

  12. JC

    O.K., England, remember how you like to make fun of the dumb, coarse Americans? Yeah, the next time you start to have that thought, remember this.

  13. Ismoss

    Is he promoting a gay version of Twilight?, oh wait thats redundant.

  14. I’m not sure what bothers me more about this photograph: the gauge of Russel’s impressively early-nineties wallet chain or the fact that the child is dressed as a young Ernest Borgnine.

  15. Evil

    Can we deport him now?

  16. SuperT

    Did he go dressed as Jennifer Garner?

  17. Hellisforsissies

    He’s given up all of his former vices for child cannabalism? It was bound to happen living with Katy and listening to her mother’s demented rantings! Sooner or later he was going to crack!

  18. cc

    Kid: “I smell something funny on your breath.’
    Russell: “Oh ya! Get a snoutful you lil; bastard, it’s Katy Perry!’

  19. sick

    I swear that’s the fatty from Goonies. He must’ve found the magic potion for never aging- in that pirate ship!

  20. Charmless Man

    After Russell lost all that boyhood weight, he still felt like he had a little fat boy inside. He’s just putting it back in.

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