1. So that’s a Mount Rushmore of annoying if ever I saw one.

  2. Ashton is thinking, “Damn, did I really piss the country music folk off that bad?”

  3. I though douche sandwiches had to have some sort of bread. Think about it. There’s no such thing as a ham sandwich made entirely from ham, is there?

  4. EricLr

    I guess they really are doing a Three Douches movie.

  5. Bonky

    Damn, this is the last time I schedule a “boys night out” when I’m drunk.

  6. cc

    Collectively, I’m sure they’ll be able to conjure up a moment of hilarity. Not really.

  7. diamorem

    Are these the actors in the Three Stooges movie? No, seriously.

  8. A douche, a jew and a fatass walk into a bar…

  9. Two guys watching the game, one guy picking out tonight’s cheerleader.

  10. Only one guy in this photo has ever gotten a woman based on his looks.

  11. Frank Burns

    “Sigh, look who I have to hang out with, even with Lakers tickets! Wow, maybe I am a douchebag like everyone says.”

  12. Damian

    They are high as hell.

  13. He looked happier in the 10 gallon hat.

  14. Kutcher looks like he just came. The opposing team could sue for sprinkling his Demi-herpes all over the court.


    Steve Jobs at 25.
    Steve Jobs at 55.
    Jack Black at Jack Black.

  16. mbcl

    scene from new NBC show ‘Two and a half douches’

  17. Biff

    Kutcher looks absolutely miserable.

  18. The photographer just cptured the exact moment when Ashton realized what a monumental cunt he is. The should put this next to the Mona Lisa as a timeless piece of art.

  19. Ole Jack is certainly working hard at that reach-around! Kelso looks like he’s really enjoying it though….

  20. Ashton Kutcher: “FUCK! Lately it seems like everything I touch turns to shit!”

  21. “oh my god i finally get it people are laughing at me not with me, I am a doucher”

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