1. Austin (Danger) Powers

    Clits are so easy to find…

  2. GeorgeWBush

    MMmmmm, dinner at the Y

  3. You think it’s easy to find a new, more degrading pose every day?

  4. Contusion

    I STILL don’t know who this is. Really. I don’t.

  5. Coyote

    I don’t know who she is, but I want some, BAD!

  6. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    Someone ought to photoshop “Wish you were here !” with a pointy arrow and make postcards out of it and sell them to Spencer’s gifts

  7. dooood

    now that’s what i call a buffet table!

  8. yep

    hooooooooooly shit, holy shit. she’s 51?! quick google search (cuz i had no idea who she was, like everyone else).

  9. If you look really close you can almost see her peepee…

  10. browny


  11. bernard

    Stink Pouch

  12. For a 51 year old woman she is very fuckable.


  14. sc4play

    Maybe she’s audtioning for the lead female part in the remake of ‘Goldfinger.’

  15. Pebblz

    So I see you’ve been to Brazil?

  16. nydwarf

    Rita Rusic

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