1. Jennifer, “I finally have my Preeeeeciousssss!!”
    Baby, “Somebody help!”

  2. blonde

    She can trap children in a cage, now if only she could trap a man.

    • cc

      She tried…she put a peanut butter sandwich in there, but the kid came and got it. She’s placing a delivery order for chicken wings this time.

  3. EricLr

    Watch out kid, she’s trying to steal your youth!

  4. Jennifer’s calling in for a grill and some charcoal.

  5. The Brown Streak

    Please do not feed the animals.

  6. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    “so if your not married by the time your 10 years old, we’ll get married okay? don’t worry bout the ring, keep that tooth fairy money”

  7. dooood

    …i would still give my foot to be her personal
    cunnilingus attendant / motorboat mechanic

  8. Anyone who buys their own engagement rings should be locked up.

  9. I don’t remember it happening like this in Lost…

  10. She looks like she’s about to Sandusky the kid with the green stick.

  11. mbcl

    filming an EVP session for ‘Ghost Bachelor Hunt’

  12. Lets see..
    Youth transmogrifying machine-CHECK
    One unlucky child to drain her essence-CHECK
    Green hand held start mechanism-CHECK

  13. Dannuuuu

    So, kid, I’ve got these three rings see?…Wait you’re not a boy?WHHHYYYYYYYYY????!!!!!!

  14. Colostomy Bag

    Illuminati lizards doesn’t usually bother to cage their babies before they drink their blood.

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