1. Well fuck me with a high heel!

  2. CrashHell

    Having sex with one of these women will not land you in prison for the rest of your normal bowel-moving days…You must choose, but choose wisely…

  3. She’s got legs, and knows how to use them.

  4. Jesus how big is Ireland? Tiegen is a model so you know she’s tall but Ireland makes her look like Polly Pocket!

  5. Gin&Tonic

    Chrissy Teigen’s 5″9 so that makes the blonde one huge bitch. aint complaining, mind you, my neighbor stole my step ladder and I could use someone around to clean out my gutters

  6. And now the waiting game begins…they can’t keep their legs crossed forever.

  7. By my estimation, Ireland Baldwin is 7 ft 4 inches. And the damn kid isn’t finished growing yet.

  8. Beer Baron

    Jesus Christ, that’s bitch is gigantic.

  9. Inky Black

    Hayden Panettiere sitting where the black lady is, now that would be a picture I’d like to see,

  10. I can just hear the bug-eyed fish dude from Star Wars screaming in my head, “It’s a trap!!”

  11. Don Draper's Dad

    With Alec Baldwin for a father, this girl will be sex tape gold.

  12. I’m 6’3, and *I* want to climb her

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