1. nemo

    keep it klassy, kim!

  2. cuddles

    Duck lips AND a 4 stomach cow belly is tougher to pull off than it looks.

  3. BP

    Did she have her miscarriage yet?

  4. Josephus

    I clicked “view full size.” RIP Computer, 2009-2013.

  5. The only logical explanation for these ridiculous outfits is that she ate her stylist.

  6. Cock Dr


  7. well, she FINALLY put pants on. Thank Godddddd

  8. TSA is leading her away for augmented searching…something is clearly being smuggled in her ass.

  9. Dr. Jones


  10. Beer Baron

    “FML” -TSA Agent

  11. lawn

    Better call in a C-17.

  12. Has anyone else seen Dark Crystal? Jen, all the way…

  13. Big Rick OBrien

    I would NOT have known that was KK without the caption…

  14. “I apologize, Ma’am, but once we fish whatever that is out of your rectum, we’re going to have to seat you in the cargo/luggage compartment.”

  15. Nonnie Moose

    No, for the last time I will not strip search and pee on you, ma’am. Even the TSA has standards.

  16. I have to laugh at all you who actually believe you’re defending her by saying “leave her alone”, “bullies!” etc. She loves it! Good and bad! Any and all publicity makes her and her family VERY rich. In fact, bad publicity’s the biggest money-spinner of all. I am 99% sure she dresses hideously on purpose.Kim is not bullied. She DELIBERATELY sets out to provoke and upset. She doesn’t need or want defending – insults are her lifeline and her blood. I am totally anti bully, but this girl has no shame. She could easily retreat and be low key, but instead she is always high profile and making revolting decisions while playing innocent. PLUS, you realize she doesnt read these comments and doesnt care if you guys are bashing her or defending her, she doesnt know you guys exist THATS why people are saying what they want to say (THEIR TRUTH)cause if wont affect her either ways.

  17. LOLright

    totally thought this was marilyn manson

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