1. I’m thirsty, all of a sudden.

  2. dude


    • Jack the stripper

      Young children and gay men often have that reaction to the female form.

      • Marco Polo

        While she may be female, she’s not really feminine. And her rolly stomach is nasty. I can see a lot of guys finding her unattractive.

      • Hank

        Go back to your plastic robot world, stupid.

      • Marco Polo

        You think she’ so gorgeous? check out the pics just posted of her on this site. She is a nasty, fatty mess. You guys on here have no taste, either that or you’re just plain desperate.

  3. I want bury my head in her sweater puppies.

  4. There’s something a little off about the shape of her boobs and the texture of her skin.

  5. those are some lame ass fake tits

  6. Gin&Tonic

    pffft, you people are a buncha snobs. sure, hollywood usually has better, but if I saw her on a regular-joe beach i’d think she’s pretty hot

  7. She looks like a Pepsi commercial for some reason and I wold happily drink her.

  8. lawn

    I can see why she’s so fond of basketball.

  9. I love it when guys who haven’t been near a vagina since they left home, are screaming…gross, ugly, fake boobs, plastic surgery…yuck! Come on guys, it’s funny and ironic, but try a little perspective. Like when was the last time you were anywhere near, ANYTHING close to this hot. (Protip: your mom, and your sister don’t count).

  10. mfb

    she’s hot!!! only homo’s would refuse her…..

  11. SMB

    Lawd Hav Mercy …nigga, how come this sexy thick bitch aint been on the site before, or have i missed something??? (i google-pic’ed her, and there’s nuthjin’ but bikini pics all over the place, so…?)

  12. Bodine

    Not bad, not great. I’ve turned down better and screwed worse. Ahhhh…..the magic of alcohol.

  13. Bodine

    Oh yeah, I don’t have a clue who this person is.

  14. “NBA player? Where?!?”

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