1. There’s so much man tension here, I can’t look at this picture for more than a second…

  2. “Mr. Redford, have you ever heard of “man tension”"?

    “Security….please remove this man”

  3. “The Company You Keep,” huh? There goes any respect I may have had for Mr. Redford.
    Shia, you look like a douche!

  4. i think they traded clothes and are calling it performance art.

  5. Vladimir

    Young Douche, Old Douche. One of the lesser known Dr. Seuss classics.

  6. Douche Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  7. Frank Burns

    Press – “Mr. Redford, you appear able to stand next to Shia LeBoeuf without indicating an urge to punch him in his obnoxious face. What’s your secret?”


  8. Inner Retard

    Next picture, Redford realizes who’s next to him and punches him through the wall.

  9. Dr. Jones


  10. I honestly could not tell which was which.

  11. The Douche Whisperer.

  12. Skippy86

    Redford hasnt seen pubes like that since he got Margot Kidder’s undies off.

  13. Hugh Evers

    Someone please tell me that la bouche is not standing next to Jeremiah Johnson.

  14. Douche Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

  15. “Step right up, folks! Only two bits! See the pinhead boy and the world’s wrinkliest man!”

  16. “So young man, what charity is this photo op for?”
    “I’m Shia LaBeouf!”
    “Well, I hope they find a cure for that!”

  17. Robert Deadford

  18. journalschism

    RR: “I’m about to do a shitty superhero movie. Any advice?”
    SL: “Make shitty movies every chance you get and no one really notices the superhero ones.”

  19. Freebie

    Age is a mean bitch. Redford used to be sooooo handsome. Shia – not so much.

  20. Anyone else see Redford’s hambone???

  21. Nonnie Moose

    I’ve already tipped you. Now stop posing and go get my car out of the valet lot, dammit.

  22. Cat Stevens looks like shit.
    Er, I mean, Yusuf Islam looks like shit.

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