1. Deryn

    I can’t think of anything because I’m mesmerized by the place where her upper thighs meet her rear. It just looks so … um … so flappy.

  2. Deacon Jones


  3. Photo shoot? She’s a porn star…this is just the part before the penises join the scene.

    and can I just say…yuck.

  4. Who, or what is that?

  5. Jess

    what the fuck is that and why the fuck did it appear on my screen?!

  6. It’s weird how the reflections off the water create the illusion of stretchmarks all around her womanhood.

    • rican

      You got it wrong, it’s the stretch marks creating an illusion of water reflection.

    • S'up Bitches!

      I don’t think it’s the water. It’s more like the twenty kids and about a million gallons of jizz she shat out of that “thing?” I can use the term “thing” loosely in this case? I mean literally loose!

    • I was hoping that she really wasn’t that crinkly looking…. ICK.

  7. rican

    I’d do her in a heartbeat, the same way Tiger used to – ass to mouth etc.

  8. S'up Bitches!

    mmmmmm. There is NOTHING sessier than full body celluloite.

  9. It had to be said

    Unsubscribe! Unsubscribe!

  10. Looking at her from top to bottom is like a road map of Linsay’s™ career.

  11. Jenny with a Y

    There’s my lost Stretch Armstrong!

  12. Deacon Jones

    I always thought Billy Ray Cyrus was trailer trash, but this seals the deal!

  13. sparkymcgee


  14. jigga

    GODDAM!! Dis white bitch is hot! Look at those thighs! Sexy. I wanna give her my black python…I know she can take it!

  15. HumpinFrog

    And the odor of dead fish filled the air for miles that fateful day.

    • jen

      haha I’m not sure if you meant the horror of her body killed all of the fish, or the sheer smell emanating from her rotten nether regions, or perhaps a delightful combination of both…either way I believe it is accurate.

  16. Cock Dr

    This doesn’t make any sense.
    She’s a porn star?
    She’s not pretty. She’s middle aged. She’s floppy & stretched out like a pair of old gym shorts.
    That naval has something very very wrong going on there; was it used as a novelty penis insertion spot? Were all the other usual places on this woman so worn out that she resorted to belly button sex?

  17. hmna

    The combination of crystal meth and breast implants is . . . interesting.

  18. Armadillo

    Having massive muscles was no longer gathering the attention Carrot top needed…

  19. baron of all media

    I thought marmosets were land mammals?

  20. Any Guy

    this skank shouldn’t leave the house without a giant airbrush. ya know, the one they use on her photos to make her look 30 years younger. Tiger, fo shizzle?

  21. Jacqueline Hyde

    I seriously thought Carrot Top had picked up a meth habit.

  22. Michelle

    Oh, the great miracle that cosmetics, hair styling and airbrushing hath wrought in the life of this…..woman?


    Her pussy smelled like spam!

  24. She’s got a lovely sense of consistency in her tattoos…not in style, but in color. Prison Yard Green is a good choice for her.

  25. Amy

    I had no idea Tiger Woods was such a devoted fan of the artist formerly known as Prince.

  26. I heard on the news that they closed off a mile of beach and the coast guard is still trying to tow it back out to sea.

  27. ballsack

    I bet she reeks of Newports and pork rinds.

  28. dontlooknow

    A flabby, beat-up lookin’ whore with fried hair; amazing she can even get laid.

  29. Nyght

    Self-delusion is the most powerful of drugs…meth is a close second.

  30. lori


  31. Turd Ferguson

    It looks like SOMEBODY fell out of the Ugly Tree and broke every branch on the way down.

  32. fartbucket

    so THIS is what Rihanna will look like in 10 years….

  33. Kae

    Photoshop, GO!!!

  34. Where’s the guy who always posts that he’d pee in her butt when you really need him?

  35. Bucky Barnes

    This was the best camera target that could be found on a beach in Miami? I say charge the photographer with reckless eyeslaughter on the way to the hanging.

  36. TomFrank

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Jessie J’s dick.

  37. Woof

    Sideshow Bob sure has some nice tits.

  38. The Critical Crassness

    Man,oh ,man! Being married to Brian Austin Green has certainly taken a toll on Megan Fox!

  39. Cam

    Holy Shit…..His penis is dissolving before our very eyes!

  40. NattyB

    This photo makes my eyes sad.

  41. cc

    If someone visits you from a foreign country and asks what ‘skank’ means, save yourself a lot of chatter and just show them this pic.

  42. BigDaddy

    It’s the old lady from Something about Mary. There’s the dog between her legs.

  43. BigJim

    What the hell? Did the world suddenly run out of Photoshop?

  44. Kyle Butler

    This just looks like every ‘Teen Mom’ ‘s future.

  45. Akiyama

    I thought flames on something were supposed to make something look better? At least.. her tits.. aren’t terrible still? …

    yeah, couldn’t say that with a straight face.

    • Dude

      Her tits are plastic. They will look like that when she’s 80. If the hybrid AIDS/Hep C/Herpes doesn’t kill her first.

  46. me

    who is she?

  47. I think her boobs are trying to merge.

  48. KC

    Is this for the cover of Leather International Magazine?

  49. Colin

    Like many in the wild, this strange creature possesses antipredator adaptations. It uses its bright coloration both to indicate it is undesirable and is poisonous.

  50. Mangezmangez

    of all the times not to have a shark attack

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