1. I would need a latter but I still would…

  2. Cock Dr

    Angling for the title of Zombie Goth Sex Goddess.

    • McBeef. It's what's for dinner.

      who’s she competing with? Seriously? She’s fuck for Satan and she’s got this one in the bag, doc.

  3. She is oh so edgy

  4. “My Gucci purses are all blaaaack.
    My lips are blood reddddd.
    My favorite store is Tiffany’s
    I wish my parents were dead!”

  5. Bonky

    I didn’t really care about this photo until I noticed I can see her panties and now I want to see more of this performance.

  6. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Well, if a football needs eight laces why the fuck not

  7. EricLr

    I wanna Rock and Roll all night!!

  8. Still on the “Everyone in America WILL See My Vagina Tour”, I see

  9. cc

    Oh geez, she’s busted out the pentagram now folks, prepare for the kind of edgy shit you’ve NEVER seen before.

  10. JuggNuttz

    i bet is smells like dead teen spirit

  11. me

    goth salormoon

  12. LJ

    At least she’s wearing panties.

  13. Boomer

    After spending an hour fastening all the buckles on her boots, Taylor suddenly realized that once again she’d forgotten to put her pants on first.

  14. quagmire

    Someone buy this girl a lifetime e-mail subscription to Hot Topic discount deals already, and let her know that her mom hates her and doesn’t care anymore.

  15. Stupid

    Has anyone here listened to her music, it actually is very good.

  16. Joaquin ingles

    Oh look, it’s filmed in BileVision.

  17. Mike701

    I never knew Gene Simmons and Cousin It had sex….

  18. El Jefe

    I wonder if she fucks as good as she would like you to believe she can with the image she portrays?

  19. Kelly Brook's new stalker

    Needs more buckles.

  20. Jimmy

    Is she still a thing?

  21. catapostrophe

    Not just anybody can put on those clothes and act like that.

  22. hijkmno

    Gene Simmons called. He wants his boots back.

  23. “Seven days..”

  24. lillaliket

    didn’t recognize her without the tampon string

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