1. Anthony

    Why does he always have a “someone is gonna get raped” glare?

  2. journalschism

    Looks like a lobby poster for one of his shitty movies.

  3. EricLr

    So, the pedophile look is in again?

  4. Frank Burns

    The boy-man schtick is getting old, Jason.

  5. neo_v

    next on Pimp my ride…

  6. Deacon Jones

    “I’m a Jew in New York! See the humor in this?”

  7. Raoul

    “We’re gonna make it after all/
    We’re gonna do it!”

  8. JANE

    I immediately thought child molester face when I saw this pic, and smiled when reading these comments haha

  9. tlmck

    This is how he stays employed. He works so cheap he cannot afford a car.

  10. Blech

    I was gonna say that he reminds me of the guy who claims to be great in bed, who says he’ll do all these things you, and then… when it’s time, he cries about something his mom made him do when he was five.

    But ‘pedophile-look’ is better.

  11. Peter

    so creepy

  12. Hey, Jason, I found a test to prove whether or not you’ve really “made it.” Ride your bike down a really steep hill, as fast as you can possibly go, and crash straight into a bus speeding towards you.

    If you live, you’re still a nobody. If you die, you were a STAR!!!

  13. devilsrain

    Somebody drop kick this idiot

  14. He’s embarrassed because his ankle bracelet keeps hitting the bike frame.

  15. Bigalkie

    Are we in 1930? The Studio is always passing out these ” candid” shots of slimey Jason Segal. He must have a movie coming out. What a false world.

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