1. The Rock is going to rape the shit out of that white boy.

  2. Star Droppings

    You know it’s laundry day when he has to pilfer for clothes in his Funky Bunch closet.

  3. Puffy steroid bloat.

  4. Cock Dr

    Have urge to slap a Pillsbury Dough Boy hat on him.

  5. And Mark is getting llllaaaarrrrggggeeerr!

  6. vgirly


  7. EricLr

    So, is he a dwarf now?

  8. Deacon Jones


    Buff short people are funny at the gym. They look so desperate

  9. Mike Walker

    Nice traps, turnip face.

  10. Boo

    Lookin buffy oh the juice is good.

  11. Ass Hairs

    Thanks so much! So much beefcake for the ladies today! So wonderful!

  12. Fresh Tuna

    All the steroids in the world can’t hide the age on his face.

  13. pretty funny


  14. Renfro

    yall are MEAN

  15. JANE

    Shame he’s so short with baby fingers

  16. Cypherpunk

    So sad to see that Patton Oswalt’s been juicing…

  17. The Brown Streak

    Who says Family Guy doesn’t teach you anything? It taught this guy that the internet has porn.

  18. mbcl

    “Where’s me spinach, I needs me spinach !”

  19. SFRowGuy

    Keep showing off the guns Mark, and we’ll keep appreciating them.

  20. Pirate Hunter

    “You didn’t say ‘Hi” to your mother for me, did you?”

  21. Bigalkie

    If you ever pack in the ” acting”.. You can always take up midget wrasslin or dwarf toss

  22. Great physique, but his face looks like an automobile accident.

  23. devilsrain

    How ya doin fat boy

  24. Ready for his new show “Southy Shore.”

  25. Havoc1701

    the Bambino?

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