1. Awkward thing: they’re both looking at Kim’s nude shots.

  2. Jon Hex

    Scott: “In this one, Kort’s pretending to be dead. And this one. And this one. And…”

  3. Great White Pygmy

    Douche and Douchier

  4. Isn’t it impossible for this much douchiness to exist so close to each other?

  5. Anthony

    It’s times like this when you wish an out of control bus filled with flammable materials would come into play.

  6. Cock Dr

    It’s the Double Douche Twins enjoying a Double Douche bonding moment.

  7. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Joined at the hipster

  8. “That’s weird, all of my angry birds are throwing themselves into walls, too. Must be some sort of self-play mode or something.”

  9. EricLr

    Where’s New York traffic when you need it?

  10. neo_v

    anyone else feel the impulse to slap both of them?

  11. McBeef. It's what's for dinner.

    Looks like he learned some tips for hiding a big ass just like big sis.

  12. Coyote

    It is so much fun SEXTING each other.

  13. cc

    ‘Hey, I am NOT using the hand I gave you a tugjob with!’

    ‘Me neither!’

  14. John

    I just love this new ass only photoshopping app!.

  15. Really? A jacket tied around the waist? Try to look like a bigger asshole.

  16. Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy

    “Holy Shit!!! Kanye just shit all over Kim’s ass!!!!”
    “No you dumbass. She just hasn’t wiped yet.”

  17. WSack

    So two douche bags walk out of the store..

  18. JANE

    All these comments about their texting and such, has nobody noticed how fucking gay Rob looks with a jacket wrapped around his waist? Who the hell does that anymore aside from fat moms in Walmart?

  19. Joaquin ingles

    I think there’s an “S”obscured on that door. It’s the newest Hollyhipster slang for gay O face.

  20. Hannnah

    He must be on his period, tying his jacket around his waist like that. Classic embarrassing period moment.

  21. Blech

    Rob texts: “Oh my God, did that dude in the black cap outside the boutique we were just in give you the fuck-off eyes, too?”

    Scott texts back: “Yah. Fright-ning! Fuck his mother, I am so never stepping foot in that place again.”

  22. catapostrophe

    What’s the life expectancy for people like them?

  23. bethy

    A prime example of DOUCHEOUS extremeum invading an otherwise livable habitat.

  24. Pirate Hunter

    “Scott, did you get this text from Kim? Operation Golden Flow is a go? What does that even…ohhhhhhhh.”

  25. Franka

    My eyes strayed to the (photographic) left of his zipper. I can now, at least, begin to fathom why his long suffering wife remains married to him, piglet that he is. Douche or no douche – the boy is most definitely pack’in.

  26. Not entirely out of the realm of possibilities. He does wear a rather large watch.

  27. Drive by shootings always hit the three year old that was going to grow up to cure cancer. They never hit anything worth hitting.

  28. Havoc1701

    WTF!!! Same haircut only mirror image.

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