1. Stupid

    She does have great tits!!

  2. Dear Tyra, 1:1 is not the sacred ratio between forehead and cleavage.

  3. In the background: Dude caught looking and woman who is not talking to him right now.

  4. Bonky

    Her dress looks like one of those fancy folded napkins you would see at a table like that. Good thing it’s a giant napkin because after this photo I think I’m gonna need a big one.

  5. Oh boy! The “TIME 100 Gala celebrating TIME’S 100 Most Infuential People In The World”.

    In other words, you mean delusional, self-important hypocrites.

  6. If there’s any truth in this world, Tyra’s sweater puppies made the Time list and not Tyra herself.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Her forehead is also a large C cup.

  8. This website goes down more than Kim and Khloe at a NAACP convention.

  9. EricLr

    So, what influential person did she come with?

  10. joe

    TyTy’s tatas.

  11. Josephus

    After all the Tyra-bashing, at least someone here remembers the principles our nation was founded upon: lavish, self-congratulatory events…and boobies.

  12. GrandDragon

    I’m having a sudden craving for chocolate milk for some reason

  13. Mr Obvious

    She’s definitely influencing me. Hell, I would say she’s hypnotic.

  14. Tyra Hair Explained

    She always had a large forehead but guys, she lost a lot of hair from using weaves. Men you don’t know anything……

  15. Donald Duck

    Nice sixhead.

  16. pretty important

    no tyra you are not one of them.

    and a dinner that size is gonna go right to your thighs.

  17. Slippinx12

    Her forehead ranked ahead of her at 99

  18. tlmck

    The size of the forehead does not matter when it is facing away from you. She even comes with nice handles.

  19. The Brown Streak

    “Oh, if I eat another pea, I just might explode out of my dress!”

  20. Burt

    She looks great in this picture.

  21. ticonderoga

    God i can’t fucking stand this woman.

  22. “Hello, girls…would you like to have a body like mine? Be a super-model and travel the world? Make more money than you ever dreamed of? Have beautiful breath-taking breasts?

    Tough shit! You’ll never look as good as me. Deal with it!”

  23. devilsrain

    I was expecting the “nice wig douchebag” commenter here. Oh well.

  24. The guy in the tux just ordered two chocolate milks.

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