1. FattyFatty2X4

    Holy Christ!
    Holy Christ!

  2. And people wonder what happened to the Lakers.

  3. Schweddy Snatch

    Carrot Top is looking much better now that he’s gotten off the steroids.

  4. Imagine waking up next to this every morning.

  5. JC

    “My Life on the OH-GOD-KILL-IT-WITH-FIRE List”

  6. How’d she ever make it as *high* as the D List?

  7. renotastic

    When did Carrot Top have a baby with the fucking Joker?

  8. kravdan

    She’s got a face like Apple Maps… lines all over going to wrong place.

  9. Reba McIntyre’s looking haggard these days.

  10. I love her, but she needs to look into that permanent makeup.

  11. Kathy! Kathy! How is working out with Madonna going for you?

  12. If you Google “pink sock”, you get Kathy Griffin’s Instagram.

  13. yourmom

    I’m pretty sure her and Tara Reid have the same doctor.

  14. GordonGEICO

    Crow’s feet… anyone ever seen a 47-toed crow?

  15. More like Kathy Balrog.

  16. That’s not funny. Why is she laughing?

  17. Yikes! Diamonds are forever, but facial surgery is not!

  18. Pip Pip Cheery-O

    FUCK YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE FOR THAT, FISH! *mutter* christ now I gotta go wash out my eyes…

  19. “Send in the FEMBOTS!”

  20. cc

    I’ve heard wrapping your face in rice paper is ‘in’ in New York.

  21. Andie

    Kill it with fire!!!!

  22. Keno

    Never rub another man’s rhubarb!

  23. me

    “The Horror…”

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