1. lily

    its never good when your boyfriend is prettier than you.

  2. Schweddy Snatch

    So Maria Shriver has decided to play for the other team. Good for her!

  3. Photo boy, I believe you misspelled Mathilda…

  4. Jade

    It is nice to see two proud lesbians out and about.

  5. Jaj

    Ahhhhhh, that’s what happened to that stoner from Empire Records.

  6. “…ohh, DAMN iiiiit….I like, totally left my vibrator running in the shower…hehehe”

    “Well lets go back and turn it off, Matt.”

  7. CrashHell

    Wait till she starts shakin like a polaroid picture…NOW SHAKE IT. NOW SHAKE IT. SHAKIN LIKE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

  8. kravdan

    So is she like his beard?

  9. Quasi

    Which one is which?

  10. ThisWillHurt

    I’m glad Ozzy and Sharon support her coming out.

  11. fuck, his hair is amazing

  12. Are they wearing the same shoes?

  13. It’s wrong when an Osbourne’s boyfriend makes me hear an Aerosmith song but Dude Looks Like a Lady. A pretty pretty lady.

  14. popwilleatitself

    You know you are fucked when your boyfriend looks, acts and dresses more feminine than you.

  15. Cock Dr

    I hope that they’re actually having amazing sex and it’s not just a beard situation.

  16. I’m tired of these homely girls.

  17. I wonder what pushed Ozzie back into drugs?

  18. Andie

    Wait, that’s a dude? Really? *headdesk*

  19. “Ignore the riff raff, darling. Come, let us mince.”

  20. AnnaD.

    I looked at the thumbnail & thought it was a lesbian couple. I looked at the large version & I still thought it was a lesbian couple.

  21. awkwardturtle

    A chick with a dick and a dick of a chick.

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