1. Her dealer/master is pulling on her leash.

  2. Schweddy Snatch

    Toto, I don’t think we’re at Coachella anymore.

  3. renotastic

    “My mind! I think I saw my fucking mind laughing at me from over there!!”

  4. More like salute to Old Hollywood careers, amirite?

  5. She got slimmer, didn’t she?

  6. yourmom

    tumbling down the hill in …. 3…2….1..

  7. is she takin a piss under that sack dress right now?

  8. baked

    Oh look, I think I just saw my relevance running that way…

  9. M3

    Look at that fucking purse! I mean, come on! That’s just fucking ridiculous. Fuck me… it could put a goddamn steamer trunk to shame.

  10. Finally figured out a way to hide the rolls of fat

  11. They just spear Mischa in the leg now when she shows up at events she’s no longer famous enough for.

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