1. B&WMinstrel

    First Pics Of Kim K’s Baby !!!

  2. And he wonders why he got that hernia

  3. Schweddy Snatch

    Where does one find Underoos in that size?

  4. I am pretty sure I would empty my intestines if he was lying still and all of a sudden did that pose…

  5. With that big bag of roids being pumped into him directly, maybe he should have a Hulk shirt on instead.

  6. kravdan

    What’s the point of the shower cap? Isn’t he bald?

  7. ThisWillHurt

    He stole that shirt from a Make-A-Wish kid down the hall.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    The surgery obviously worked… he’s no longer green when he freaks out now.

  9. anonymous

    Hate to be the nurse that has to change that colostomy bag.

  10. For a hernia operation you have to shave your pubes, I wonder which nurse got the honour or if they made him do it himself.

  11. Aw look, the surgery was a success, he’s showing us he can reach his peen now. Awesome!

  12. Full body flexing following a double hernia surgery…sure, why not.

  13. Jean-Claude Van Damme it, The Rock! Take it easy!

  14. Those aren’t muscles, they’re intestinal protrusions.

  15. Juan Diablo

    Hopefully he believes the doctors when they tell him that hernias are caused by bad acting.

  16. “Sloth love Chunk!”

  17. “The sex change operation was a huge success Mr. Johnson.”

  18. celebutard

    “Can you smelllllllllllll, what The Rock is cooking in his bedpan?”

  19. TinyLeft

    whats going on with that left arm… photoshop much

  20. After this photo was taken, all IV bags exploded.

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