1. FattyFatty2X4

    This pic should keep the ladies from having babies

  2. Ugh

    Renee Zellweger is looking better these days.

  3. “Just what do you mean by ‘I’m married’??
    Oh right… See you out back…”

  4. kravdan

    Why again is she on Mad Men? Oh right blow jobs.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “Hm? Oh, yeah, motherhood. It’s uh . . . blessing . . . Whatever you say.”

  6. Chris


  7. Is it safe to assume she has no gag reflex?

  8. Why are most of my comments pending approval all of a sudden?

  9. CK

    Playing a game of “Hooker-in-the-Middle”, I see.

  10. Woah, I never expected Marilyn Manson to ever go blonde!

  11. “Oh come on Ms Jones, Jon Hamm’s penis is a bit larger than that!”

  12. “Kiss my grits !!”

  13. Rich guys really cheat on their wives with this?

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