1. LtDansLeftFoot

    Is it just me or does Mike Myers look like a Canadian Kim Jong Il?

  2. Yea Baby

    Wang! Stop chopping your broccoli and pay attention!

  3. Dana Carvey had to expunge the last bit of funny in him before he reunited with Mike….

  4. Yep. Still a psycho hose beast.

  5. I’m having a good time… *not*!

  6. kravdan

    I want my money back for Cat in the Hat!

  7. Remember when Lorne said Wayne’s World was a bad idea?

  8. Two of the best stars in SNL history.

  9. “Oh, Mike you’re so FUNNY!……. PLEASE put me in another movie…”

  10. nice faking Carvey. someone give him a cookie.

  11. Desperate Forahit and Desperatefor Ahit at the ‘Wayne’s World’ reunion at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences in Beverly Hills. (April 23, 2013)


  12. tlmck

    “Remember when we were funny? Me neither.”

  13. They saw Lara Flynn Boyle.

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