1. Because who doesn’t know better about only having One Life To Live than a person named JWOWWW.

  2. CrashHell

    Granma JWOW, can you tell us how you got Syphyllys again?

  3. CT

    This may be the first time I’ve seen her and thought “I’d hit it.” That makes me feel weird.

  4. kravdan

    JWoww…really? More like JMediocre.

  5. Goddamn it, she’s starting to grow on me. I’m starting to find her attractive. I need to stay away from her for a while.

  6. Her body is playing in a different league than her face.

  7. “All My Illegitimate Children” and “One Life to Live so Might as Well Drink as Much as Possible Before it’s Done.”

  8. It’s the Joker with tits.

  9. If she were asian, I’d be into this pic.

  10. Lipstick on a pig

  11. Here she is looking decent again…I swore off her several months ago. Hmmm…does this count as a slip?

  12. Duck face,disinterest or stroke?

  13. cc

    Well, everything is relative right? I mean, compared to Farrah and Jenelle, JWoww is a fucking prize.

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