1. Hmm

    Why am I craving tater salad and a cigar?

  2. Annual meeting of the cigar aficionados association? I wonder where Bill is keeping his… oh.. never mind…

  3. “I got her first, Ronnie….”

    “Fuck you, Bill. I smoke better cigars.”

  4. kravdan

    How’d you like to break the presidential seal my dear?

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “I saw her first.”
    “No, I did.”
    “No, I did.”
    “No, I- fuck it. Halfsies?”
    “Eh . . . Sure.”

  6. I love everyone in this picture.

  7. Careful lady. Both of these guys know their way around a cigar.

  8. Tater Salad and Pimp-a-Prez.

  9. “I’m not sure which one is Bill Clinton!”
    “He’s the one with his hand on your ass.”

  10. Someone’s sure as hell getting lucky tonight!

  11. cc

    Photographer: “Say ‘Cohiba’!”

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