1. I’ve heard of parents naming their kids Austin and Brooklyn and Flo Rida, but never an entire region of the United States.

  2. Yep. Still a psycho hose beast.

  3. She looks like the poor man’s Kate Upton.

  4. JC

    More like Fritos West Texas, amirite?

  5. lily


  6. Gin&Tonic

    jesus fuck, check her live “performances” out on youtube. it’s the funniest shit you’ve ever seen
    but you’re going to want to be muting from the get-go, just FYI

  7. Jenn

    She’s got Neanderthal forehead, or is it just makeup?

  8. And they say that the record companies are just manufacturing talent where none exists. Preposterous!

  9. Hugh Evers

    When you negotiate don’t fall for the ala carte pricing. There is better value for an agreed upon time rate.

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