1. Amazing Spider crotch.

  2. So… Taking things in a new direction isn’t always a good thing….

  3. With huge package, comes great responsibility.

  4. “Still don’t see him? I’m pointing at the pap right now! What? I didn’t mean with my fingers…”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “Spider sense is tingling . . . Down there . . .”

  6. Watch it with the peter, Parker.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Judging by the boner, I’m going to guess Kirsten Dunst definitely isn’t in this movie.

  8. Mr. Ed

    Jon Hamm is doing stunt work for Spider Man????

  9. Playing Spider-Man must must be an actor’s dream and a stuntman’s nightmare. The actor get all of the glory and because Spider-Man has a costume that actually covers his entire body, the actor doesn’t have to do any action scenes. Stuntman has to do all the work.

  10. Has anyone ever had that reaction to Shailene Woodley before?

  11. PJ Bandit

    Do not envy the guy who has to photoshop that out of every scene.

    • “Do we smooth out the Spidercrotch in post, or do we just have Andrew Garfield stuff his pants? Sigh…I wonder if Sam Raimi had to face this dilemma…”

  12. Jenn

    That’s right kids, the bite of a radioactive spider will either kill you or give you super powers and a great big dick! Call 1-800-Stan Lee and take the risk! Excelsior!

  13. Cock Gobble Gobble

    Spiderboner, Spiderboner spraying jizz from here to Kona!

  14. yourmom

    Is that a stunt package as well?

  15. I think his Spidey-Sense is tinkling.

  16. tlmck

    So the photographer is standing over a guy on a CGI floor. They need stuntmen for this?

    • WonderHamster

      Oh come on. Look at his left shoulder, he’s obviously on a wire harness. That’s what’s giving him the strange six-pack look. He’s hanging, albeit a foot off the ground, but still hanging.

  17. “Eek!… A Spider!”

  18. “Wait’ll they get a load of me…and my load.”

  19. And Andrew Garfield never saw Emma Stone again.

  20. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere about spiderman’s costume not having a fly, but I’m unable to find it.

  21. Hugh Jazz

    “Wait, how does he shoot his web if both his hands are on the… oh.”

  22. ThisBulgeIsNotTheOneYouAreLookingFor

    The cockjockeys around here really love to pretend to see penises where there are none. What’s that about? Is that why this place has a mauve theme?

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