1. Juch

    “Cake” must refer to how much makeup she has to put on.

  2. She’s clearly constipated. I’m sure if she pushes a bit harder the nipples will indeed break through her shirt.

  3. Carrie Fischer doesn’t seem to care

  4. Must be industrial strength clothing to stop Jen’s nipples from poking through.

  5. I don’t think they can call the movie “Cake” anymore because Jennifer ate it all.

  6. Robb7

    I see an Oscar in her future — Oscar Schmendrick the deli guy who just adores Jenny and gives her extra pickles.

  7. Looks like somebody is having a flashback about a back-stabbing husband stealing whore

  8. Ped

    She has had her cake and eaten it! All of it! Every crumb!

  9. fuckface

    boy. she is looking a little long in the ear….TOOTH. I meant tooth.

  10. Karen

    “Oh Brad!”

    (Jen’s twice-a-day “I can’t believe he left me” moment)

  11. Is she breast feeding Jesus?

  12. Today is the day she is hoping there will be cake.

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