1. CK

    Fake tits. So what?

  2. An attention whore is still a whore.

  3. I see Maybelline introduced a crayola line…

  4. Really...?

    I’m hoping that look is the dawning realisation of what her life is, was and ever shall be.

    Hoping hard.

  5. Fuck all y’all, this is fantastic.

  6. i think minaj has been thumbing down all these funny posts.

  7. Less plastic-y look on her face, her best look yet. The fake tits don’t hurt either.


  9. Back the fuck up, all of you. Minaj is mine! All these bandwagon jumpers trying to steal my shine. I’ve been stroking it to Nicki long before you guys.

  10. When are she and Coco going to do a buddy pic? I think I have the title for it: Titzilla Vs. Ass Kong.

  11. I… I don’t know. Guys I think those tits might not be real.

  12. She looks pretty fucking good here. I’m certain would.

  13. put your god damn tits away

  14. whatever

    she is so incredibly desperate to be white in her selfies, in real photos she is very VERY black

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