1. Smapdi

    “Hey baby, how about we Negotiate a Priceline for you to spend a few hours taking Captain Kirk around Uranus.”

  2. NutSlut

    He just looks like he’s confused that she’s not a prostitute.

  3. That’s the look of a man who was expecting Menounos ass but ended up with Bargh ass.

  4. “Whats that smell?”

  5. “No, the original Star Trek show. It aired in the sixties — the one with Leonard Nimoy and George Takei. No, I’m not shitting you.”

  6. “What the…, You’re not Maria Menounos!”

  7. a little too much LDS.

  8. “What do you mean I don’t look like Chris Pine!?”

  9. That motherfucker is 83 years old, believe it or not.

  10. She’s no Maria Menounos. Boo.

  11. JungleRed

    “So how do you account for the fact that warp drive violates Einstein’s Special Theory?”

  12. Oh dear, I seem to have “Shatnered” my pants.

  13. whatever

    How come nobody ever makes fun of his name? Shatner

  14. whatever

    oh see someone did :)

  15. “Mr. Shatner…You’re on Extra.”
    “Extra…Extra what?”

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