1. Cock Dr

    That’s sad on many levels. But kudos for so effectively covering those hindquarters.

  2. CK

    Salesperson: “This outfit will really accentuate the gap between your breasts.”

    She’s more gap than breasts.

  3. Did someone loan her one of Joan Collins’ old dresses?

  4. I’ve always had a sweet spot for the Michelle Pfeiffer-20-years-from-now look.

  5. Game of Lawn Chairs

    Just put her out of her misery. It’s the kind thing to do!

  6. Game of Thrones meets Bag of Bones.

  7. Jam

    Her face looks like she just looked down and realized what she was wearing.

  8. Joe Blow

    I thought Coachella was in Indio.

  9. Literal wallflower?

  10. Ped

    Wow, did they roll her in the carpet before they checked she was dead???

  11. Nothing’s fun immediately after sharting.

  12. Jentilly

    She looks pretty good for a 47 yr old

  13. What a drag being given millions of dollars to do a very easy job must be.

  14. This woman is a hot fucking mess.

  15. How can one person have that bad taste in clothing. I mean law of averages states that at some point she should at least accidentally put something on that looks okay.

  16. DAFUQ? This girl used to be pretty hot.

  17. whatever

    omg i don’t think that i have ever seen an uglier ‘dress’, apparently she hasn’t either, the look on her face says she just caught a glimpse of herself in a full body mirror…

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