1. neeto

    I seent it.

  2. sparkymcgee

    Come on Craig…you’re better than that.

    Just because you’re black, you don’t have to go to a Tyler Perry movie.

  3. makes perfect sense: Tyler Perry’s movies are Craig Robinson’s BM’s.

  4. Musta got him some good ternoont – that shit burns!

  5. Charmless Man

    He’s trying to act like he enjoyed the movie. He can’t.

  6. And black actors always wonder why they never win any Oscars

    • Jovy

      *gets some popcorn and waits* Nothing like a dull, insignificant racist to bring some entertainment to a thread like this.

      • Oh hey there! Thanks for waiting for me,I completely forgot we made plans last Tuesday for me to tell you what a moron you are today, you know what they say; Time flies when you’re a white supremacist!! Oh look and you made some popcorn-Fuck it’s cold, how long have you been waiting?
        Now…Are you implying that blacks not winning Oscars bc they’re black? What a racist you are.*takes your cold popcorn and dumps it on your head*
        I’m saying the solution to the concern of there not being enough acting roles for minorities (a valid point), is not writing/directing/producing/acting in 134 Madea Goes to the Dentist movies that everybody, including its own actors(pan to Craig Robinson’s face) thinks is a piece of shit.
        Now stay with me, I feel like I’m losing you..Instead, they can put their talents to better use and make something that could actually be considered entertaining and thought provoking, not laughable and an embarassment to the black community.
        This way when Oscar season rolls around and 50 cent’s Get Rich or Kill a Bitch Ass Ho while Robbing a Liquor Store doesn’t get nominated for Movie of the Year, there won’t be any disappointment and shouts at the TV going “Fucking white racist pigs, we got snubbed again!”
        Or you know, you could keep playing the racist card and waiting for the next non-event to occur whatever works. Bring your popcorn and make sure it’s hot next time.

      • Ha-and I just realized Craig Robinson is in the Office and not this piece of fail

      • Blech

        I love how hungarianprincess thinks she’s funny.

  7. MrsWrong

    Love him, love everything about him…

  8. youcandieNOW

    Gets me to the terlit!

  9. pretty sure that shirt made him shit hisself

  10. Either he realized he just wasted 12 bucks and 90 minutes of his life, or he just sharted.

  11. Marley B.

    He looks like he just sharted ROFL. He’s a funny guy.

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