1. Nat King Cole said it best, “Forgettable. That’s what you are.” That’s not how it goes?

  2. mike

    I’d heard kirstie alley had dropped a few pounds!

  3. BigJim

    Geez, Fergie. Didn’t you learn about putting a book in front of it in junior high?

  4. Kirstie Alley wasn’t lying!! She really DID lose weight!!

  5. JMS

    Man, Kirstie Alley was right, anorexa is the way to go.

  6. JMS

    I also should maybe read other comments before posting…

  7. Fergie tranny theory of the day: John Cryer trying to dress up as Denise Richards.

  8. Charmless Man

    Fun Fact: The bite pressure of the North American Fergie is 54,000 PSI.

  9. Colin

    Interesting pattern on her shirt, I wonder how she got her cumshots to do that?

  10. Ismoss

    Dont care how sliming black is, your fingers still look fat.

  11. MrsWrong

    Her shirt says “I was staked through the heart a bunch of times”…but her face says “I ate his head anyway”

  12. No one can rock a pair of overnight Depends like this woman.

  13. Kirstie Alley did drop some poundage dancing! “Cow”-abunga!

  14. Zombie Kitty


  15. No matter how often Neo shoots him, Agent Smith seems to keep coming back for more.

  16. Marley B.

    She looks fine, but her face looks a bit off kilter. And all you guys criticizing her know good and damned well you’d hit it LOL.

    • Fletch

      No, I actually would not. This thing has several known diseases and probably some that have not been discovered yet. No condom in the world would save you.

  17. lamuella

    those things on her dress aren’t patterns. That’s weaponized herpes.

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