1. I’ve never seen the words “Calista Flockheart” and “grocery store” in the same sentence before.

  2. Grocery List
    -3 tins of Coffee
    -2 cartons of Cigarettes
    -10 heads of iceberg lettuce
    -1 apple (to ‘treat’ herself)
    - 4 packs of Exlax
    -2 bags of cotton balls to eat when she gets “hunger pangs”
    This should keep Calista good for the next month or so

  3. S'up Bitches!

    “Vroom, vroom! My race car goes fast! Vroom, vroom!”

  4. Charmless Man

    I Want To Believe!

  5. Not pictured: Any actual food.

  6. rovingardener

    Those bags should have plenty of fiber to fill up on. That could be a months supply.

  7. Ismoss

    Wow that puling one out of obscurity.

  8. MrsWrong

    Her agent said this would get her noticed…She doesn’t like to leave the house cause she still sees the dancing baby…

  9. Cock Dr

    Mrs. Harrison Ford

  10. Wotwot

    Why did she bring an extra bag? Were the bags her loose skin folds are creating not enough?

  11. 2for2true

    Look who’s rockin’ the Tina Fey scar!

  12. Janice

    What’s in that bag, two Tic Tacs and a rice cake?

  13. oermens

    Calista Flockhart? Grocery store? This must be photoshopped.

  14. Marley B.

    The Precious!!!! is what she should be saying. Poor Harrison Ford!

  15. GuidotheRed

    somewhere, Guillermo del Toro is getting an erection

  16. dramkit

    I can’t believe she’s still alive.

  17. Whip

    So the Sleestak’s have come out of hiding?

  18. friendlyfires

    I had no idea Indiana Jones was sleeping with one those Crystal Skulls …

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