1. bing

    So what ?

  2. Charmless Man

    It’s like someone punched Kirsten Dunst in the mouth.

  3. Senor Trout

    Looks like Jodie Foster has a flashy dressing yet troubled sister.

  4. Whatever went on in the El Rey Theater, it must have been traumatic to leave her looking that greasy and blotchy. Unless she look like that going in too, in which case…uh, skank?

  5. Yeah, there really isn’t any way to make this funny. This is just sad.

  6. Sarah

    she’s still hot no matter what.

  7. Elle

    A turd is still a turd, even when covered in sequins.

  8. fooey

    Speaking of the apocalypse…

  9. ri

    As far as I’m concerned people should be following Rachel Bilson around 24/7. I’ll buy the pictures. The OC was the best teen drama but this girl was the worst part of it and she hasn’t done anything since. How long are we going to keep paying attention.

  10. MrsWrong

    She looks like she has that crack-head itch

  11. dontlooknow

    She’s wearing my Mom’s New Year’s Eve outfit.

  12. fiends

    Marissa’s Zombie still walks the earth, even after she was killed and The O.C was cancelled because of her.

  13. Tha Docta

    Looking at pictures of this slobberino always makes me feel better about myself

  14. Disco Junkies: Rock Bottom is going to be great.

  15. lamuella

    man, Bret Michaels hasn’t aged well

  16. Ed

    Fame withdrawl has been harsh to her.

  17. Steelerchick

    Got crack??

  18. She must be reprising her role in The Sixth Sense.

  19. Jigs

    A lesser slob would realise she was fat, ugly and completely finished as an actress and try and turn things around. Mischa gets a A+ for embracing her fate and rolling gently down a leafy lane of destruction. I like to think of her as ‘Lindsay Lite.’

  20. Sara

    AS SEEN ON TV – Now you, too, can own your very own washed-up celebrity! Easy to care for, as they don’t need to be feed or watered – just insert alcohol, cigarette remnents, and generous amounts of drugs. Follow up with a nice dose of shaming remarks, and you can sit back and enjoy your very own trainwreck! Act now, and we’ll toss in Brian Austin Green.

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