1. See that chick? ‘Couldn’t pull off that Natalie Dormer haircut if her life depended on it.

    Great rack, though.

  2. If she’s not showing off those tits, I ain’t interested.

  3. Polk

    Better marry an top tier athlete before you pork up too much, Kate. You have an 18 month window, tops.

  4. She may not be technically categorized as such, but she’s a plus sized model.

  5. Skinny-fat exhibit A.

  6. JimBB

    Fuck it, I’m just going to wrap myself in this blanket and not even get dressed today.

  7. Ronaldo

    I dont get why all the fuzz about her. Cute girl, but not crazy hot.

    • It’s her huge tits.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …the long & the short of it is; without photoshop, kate upton is that hot chick you see every day because she works in the same building as you and you wanna bang her SO bad …she and kelly brook are only “doughy” or “plain” by fashion model standards, which is a bullshit standard and moot, because they’re cheesecake/glamour models, and they’re both smokin’ hot by ‘real world’ standards …so, that’s her appeal, she seems “get-able” …and all of these feces throwing monkeys know damn well they’d be giddy as a schoolgirl to have her on his arm.

  8. Walter Peck

    Nothing says hot like trucker arms and a blanket for a dress.

  9. MarketingMike

    She’ll be fine until her metabolism kicks in around 25,
    and she starts gaining serous weight. Hurry boys…

  10. If a person steps out onto the streets directly after taking a shower, they’re normally considered crazy. Just saying.

  11. It’s like if January Jones ate food. Or could feel human emotion. Or, y’know, boobs…

  12. She’s lost it. She’s over. Who’s next?

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