1. “Put that mother fucking makeup on my mother fucking face!”

  2. joe

    Is there anything else you need, Mr. Fishburne?

  3. CrashHell

    Looks like she’s shaving him at the same time. That’s a helluva make up lady.

  4. rican

    “I loved you in the Shawshank Redemption”

  5. Say “Too Much Foundation Mr. Jackson?” again! Say it one more goddamn time. I dare you. I double dare you Mother Fucker!

  6. He looks like a toad

  7. cc

    ‘There you go dear, now you don’t all look alike.’

  8. Art Crow

    This party’s over.

  9. Slappy Magoo

    Just a moment Mr Jackson I just need to cover up these blahhhh…blemishes. That’s what I meant to say, blemishes, not blackheads. Did I say blackheadsdon’thurtme…

  10. “Do you prefer Esquire or Kiwi Mr. Fishbourne ?”

  11. “I’m sorry Mr. Jackson, but try as I may I can’t get your horns trimmed down any closer to your scalp.”

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