1. The baby must look like Kelsey.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Izz dat vun of mine?

  3. toopier

    Stop whining! You kids are soft. You lack discipline.

  4. “Hmmm….how old dis she?”

  5. JEEEZZZZZ that’s one ugly kid!!!

  6. cc

    ‘Hello Mr. Schwarzenegger, remember this? ‘Housecleaning!’

  7. “Oh no! Not ANOTHER kid that looks like me. Don’t show him to Maria!”

  8. JimBB

    Oh Jesus, he does this every time he sees a hispanic kid now.

  9. Dat is one ugly baby.

  10. david(guest)

    Arnie: I EAT BABY
    Frasier: christ, Arnie….well i’m not looking this time

  11. doritojoe

    ” She’s your baggage. You fall behind, and you’re on your own.”

  12. Swearin

    “She tossed my salad, so I scrambled her eggs.”

    “Geet avay from me, Frasier Crane.”

  13. Arnold: But I want to ride around in the blue stroller! It’s not fair! That’s mine!

    Kelsey: Now now, Arnie, you’re a big boy now. You need to start walking on your feet like one. Now let’s go get you an ice cream cone, k?

  14. jc

    Dis how stroke look.

  15. Vlad

    You are one ugly mutherfocker

  16. Odbarc

    “Don’t pout, we’ll find a nanny for you too.”

  17. “I don’t zink it is legal to bringk your monkey owt in zee stroller.”

  18. “Zat diaper stinks like my last movie !”

  19. “Who iz your Daddy and vhat does he do?”

    “Well, he’s standing right behind you and he marries stewardesses.”

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