1. “I hate making these appearances. They make me feel like a whore.”
    “Oh sweetie, we ARE whores!”

  2. Was the photographer 8 feet tall or are these bitches just really short?

  3. “We got really tired of people not being able to tell us apart, so we were talking and Melissa said, ‘Maybe one of us should get a boob job!’ And I said, ‘We did that already, duhhh?’ And she said, ‘No, I mean, one of us should get even more!’ And I said, ‘Oh, so then people can tell us apart, like, “Dah-da-dah has the bigger boobs?” ‘ And she said ‘Yeah!’ and I said ‘Good idea!’ and we flipped a coin and I lost and that’s why Melissa got the implants.”

  4. Beltliner

    Looks like the injection molding machine at the Megan Fox factory hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

  5. Finally, some wax figures that look at least half life-like.

  6. “… and when the demons entered them the wax figurines came to life. But rather than start killing the patrons or doing the other things that we expect demons to do they just walked out onto the street and started hooking.”

  7. they lost their Feldman

  8. donkeylicks

    Very nice McFeely!

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