1. Hahahahaha, too easy.

  2. Free advertisement for what’s obviously her favorite restaurant.

  3. Amber Rose, but my willy didn’t.

  4. Sure this isn’t John Malkovich in a different outfit?

  5. In her case, the “over 20 served” on her shirt represents the amount of black rappers she’s had today.

  6. kafak

    “Would you like some fries with your thunder thighs?”

    “Make them supersized.”

  7. She’s a walking drive-thru with more than one entrance so she can take multiple ‘orders’ at the same time.

  8. “Duh dunt dunt dunt daaaaah, black guys lov’in it.”

  9. There are white rappers?

  10. I likes her. I think she be sexy as a mo-fo.

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