1. Love her as a person, music and titties. (: So many miscarriages , that’s fucked up.

  2. It almost looks like she’s back in fighting form. Hard to be sure from the lighting, though.

  3. Her weight fluctuates a lot, but she’s looking pretty good here.

  4. From the face and the breasts at her waist, I thought this was Liza Minnelli.

  5. JimBB

    This isn’t one of those daughters that Woody Allen molested is it?

  6. Would have enjoyed the shirt more without the pasties.

  7. Liza Minnelli has aged remarkably well.

  8. She looks dynamite. I wonder if I could get her to blow me up…I MEAN blow me. OK, all seriousness aside, she really looks very pretty.

  9. I can almost see her third nipple

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