1. CrashHell

    How the hell did Jeff The Drunk get to Paris?!?

  2. You just know that dude is thinking, “Holy shit, I’m getting my picture taken with the ‘ass to ass’ chick!”

  3. You just know that guy in the cap has said “ass to ass” while handing a double-sided dildo to a drugged out stripper in real life. This like Mecca for him.

  4. meeps!

    What’s Michael Moore pissing about now…?

  5. cc

    Career Opportunities…that’s all I have to say.

  6. Sadly, he has nicer eyebrows than Jennifer does.

  7. She’s smiling, so this photo must have been taken BEFORE she saw the movie.

  8. Goatee man knows what it’s all about.

  9. Vladimir

    There’s always a Satanic High Priest in the background saying it all with his eyes…

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