1. The anti-Osment.

  2. Yikes. He was cast in that movie ironically, right?

  3. His eyebrows are better mustaches than his mustache.

  4. CrashHell

    Carey Elwes’s love child

  5. “Hide yo’ kids. Hide yo’ wife and hide yo’ husbands cause they rapin’ errbody up in here.”

  6. Truly CREEPY . & I mean that fucked up dye job.

  7. meeps!

    Now I want a Peter Dinklage bobblehead…

  8. JimBB

    The gay one who got kicked out of Dallas?

  9. is that Dinklage’s cousin?

  10. Bane

    Didn’t this guy kill Dorothy Stratten?

  11. MarketingMike

    Why is the TOP of his head,
    twice the diameter as the BOTTOM of his head?

  12. Swearin

    I kid you not, I have a friend who looks just like this guy, only goofier. He does not rape…that I know of.

  13. capn obvious

    Great, now I need to shower.

  14. Rule #1: Shave the perv-stache!

  15. *Starts re-bandaging her eyes.* Too soon. And now I also need a shrink.

  16. Vladimir

    John Waters giggled inside; he would never tell anyone about the time machine…

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