1. joe

    Your move, Nolte.

  2. rican

    Who’s missing? Benny Hill.

  3. Even he hates Being John Malkovich

  4. Now I wish we had that “Get The Look!” feature back on The Superficial, because I’d really like to know who sells pajama bottoms with matching jackets.

  5. If I ran up behind him wearing an orange tux and top hat and whacked him in the back of the knees with an orange cane, do you think he would laugh or beat me to death?

  6. Its nice seeing the crazy pajama wearing elderly walking about from the retirement home.

  7. JimBB

    Well, someone has to make Willem Dafoe look normal.

  8. “Hmm, did I put any shits to give in my pocket? Nope.”

  9. He looks like he just got his stool either pushed in or cleansed out.

  10. More like…”Touching John Malkovitch.”

  11. Freebie

    He was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart wearing this outfit. Stewart really had a good laugh over it.

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