1. joe

    Yes! Yes! Fuck you, too!

  2. Your move, John Malkovich.

  3. “Come back to me Gerbil”

  4. Bonky

    “Give me your gerbils, your hamsters, your unwanted rodents
    yearning to crawl inside a rubber hose…”

  5. JimBB

    Please be a sign that he’s ready to embrace death.

  6. He’s the Noah of rodents.

  7. Come all ye gerbils! Thy kingdom cum, thy’ll be in my bum.

  8. Schadenfreude

    An officer and a geriatric.

  9. Swearin

    I’m pretty sure that’s the Looper version of Jared Leto

  10. “This is a hell of a way to spend Easter vacation…guys, this is amazing…I can see all of Jerusalem from up here.”

  11. PassingTrue

    I caught a fish that was *this* big.

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