1. Sweet Jesus look at those long legs! Nice boobs and whole package but again those legs(totally ignoring haircut)!
    Oh Tarantino waits mobile no asap.

  2. Only a truly hot woman can pull off such a haircut.

    And yes… yes, she is truly hot.

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    Hot chicks are still hot chicks, even if they do something as stupid as shaving the side of their head. Conversely, Kardashians are still Kardashians, no matter what they wear or how much they’re photoshopped.

  4. Man, just look at those shoes!

    Wait, what?

  5. freebie

    Wonder if that haircut is for GOT?

  6. Damn! She’s pretty fuckin’ hot!

  7. Skrillex looks like a chick.

  8. cc

    No complaints here.

  9. Anon

    Dude, she is fucking smoking hot.

  10. Bonky

    “So it’s 650 square feet, one bedroom, gas heat, cable and
    internet ready, kitchen has stove and fridge… Oh and the last
    tenant left this woman in the corner. If you don’t like her I am sure we
    can get her removed.”

  11. So… What else is shaved?

  12. I gotta change my pants now. Yowza.

  13. nomnomnom

    Is this the mutant chick from the original Total Recall?

  14. littletongue

    Are we supposed to fap to that? Come the fuck on!

  15. the head says “std laden trailer hottie” but the legs say “do it anyway”.

  16. MarketingMike

    She has ALWAYS been the hottest girl in the room.
    I’ve watched, from afar, for 10 years, and dreamed.
    Seriously, when I saw her the first time on Thrones,
    with that low cut dress oh my. I don’t care about hair,
    she’s still the prettiest girl in the room. Legs, legs, legs.

  17. kenny

    She’s hot from the neck down; but that hair cut pretty much ruins it for me.

    Where’s Miranda Kerr?

  18. MarketingMike

    I’ll bet the actor that plays Joffrey has a hard, hard time
    learning lines in his trailer, in between takes.

  19. anonym

    nice photoshop

  20. I don’t like this actress. She bugged me in the Tudors, Elementary and now Game Of Thrones. No, I don’t watch her specifically. She just happens to get jobs on shows I watch.

  21. capn obvious

    Chick is hot, but what the fuck,,,did she have a stroke? Her face is completely wonk on her right side in most pictures.

  22. ccc

    She has always reminded me of the Cheetah in the cartoon film, Animalympics

  23. sc4play

    I’d put it in her!! And then let her wrap those long legs around my head!

  24. Jade

    I just became a lesbian.

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